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  • tai chi long pole
    Tai Chi Long Pole – A Chen Form

    Tai Chi Long Pole I found an interesting form of Chen tai chi called Long Pole and wanted to see how it is different from other weapons I have...

    • 10/01/2015
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  • Qigong relaxation
    Qigong Relaxation Exercise guided by Dr. Roger Jahnke

    Guided instruction – Take 5 minutes for yourself Right now you can listen to this guided Qigong relaxation instruction by Dr. Roger Jahnke. This is so simple that anyone...

    • 09/23/2015
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  • Yang Family Taiji
    New Yang Family Taiji video with Damo Mitchell

    Yang Family Taiji Here is a new youtube video posted by: Lotus Nei Gong titled Yang Family Taiji. In this video, Instructor Damo Mitchel does a masterful job of playing tai...

    • 09/14/2015
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  • mystery tai chi
    Mystery Tai Chi Event

    Tai Chi Event   Don’t you just hate it when you find a nice video posted on Youtube, but the publisher didn’t include any info about the video we are...

    • 09/07/2015
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  • Chen Style Xin Jia
    Chen Style Xin Jia Chen Style With Master Jesse Tsao

    Chen Style Xin Jia   This is a new post just released by Master Jesse Tsao about 2 weeks ago (from the time of today’s blog post), where the...

    • 09/02/2015
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  • Hao-wu style
    Choosing The Best Tai Chi Styles For You

    Tai Chi Styles When you decide to learn tai chi, the first step is to choose the style that you want to learn.  There are five main Tai chi...

    • 08/17/2015
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  • Yin Yang Inspiration
    Inspirational Images – Yin Yang Horse

    Inspirational Images Horse Head Yin Yang

    • 08/14/2015
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  • grandmaster ma hong
    Chen Style Tai Chi With Grandmaster Ma Hong

    Grandmaster Ma Hong I am on a quest to find  a demonstration of Chen style Tai Chi by (or as close as I can find) the legendary Chen Fa-Kor...

    • 08/12/2015
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  • tai chi yin yang
    Pugilism Explained In Tai Chi Chuan -1b

    Pugilism From the book: Tai Chi Chuan – It’s Effects And Practical Applications Grand Terminus – Introduction Cont. by Yearning K. Chen What is meant by Pugilism?   To move hands, shoulders,...

    • 08/04/2015
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  • sun style
    Sun Style Tai Chi With Daughter Of Sun Lutang

    Sun Style Scrolling through Tai Chi ( taiji ) videos this morning, this  “vintage” video caught my eye.  I enjoy looking through old photos, watching classic shows and even...

    • 07/31/2015
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  • tai chi kids
    Let’s Encourage Tai Chi Kids!

    Tai Chi Kids   Thinking of starting a Tai Chi practice with your kids?  It’s important to know that Tai Chi is a huge topic, with hundreds of different...

    • 07/29/2015
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  • tai chi yin yang
    Vintage Tai Chi Chuan – It’s Effects And Practical Applications

    Vintage Tai Chi Chuan Tai Chi Chuan – It’s Effects And Practical Applications by Yearning K. Chen Grand Terminus – Introduction What is meant by tai chi or the Grand Terminus...

    • 07/24/2015
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  • strong bones
    Build Strong Bones With Tai Chi!

    Strong Bones   One of the most widely recognized benefits associated with tai chi is how regular practice helps to promote a balance between one’s physical body, emotions,  and the mental...

    • 07/22/2015
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  • Tai Chi Balance
    Tai Chi Balance – God First, Then Tai Chi

    Tai Chi Balance These days, Master Hei Takarabe has a daily routine that looks something like this:  he rises at 4:30 am, spends 30 min in quiet meditation, then...

    • 07/20/2015
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  • inspiring words
    Inspiring Words – Inner Light…

    Inspiring Words         Take care of the inner light, for this is who we really are

    • 07/17/2015
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  • vintage tai chi
    Cool Vintage Tai Chi Video!

    Vintage Tai Chi From the vault category of vintage tai chi, today I am sharing a cool vintage martial arts kung fu video that I found on You Tube:  ...

    • 07/15/2015
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  • swimming dragon
    Tai Chi Swimming Dragon For Spinal Health

    Swimming Dragon Today I watched this video of (Taiyi) Tai Chi Swimming Dragon shared in a group I subscribe to.   I recognized the Swimming Dragon title associated with a Qigong routine that...

    • 07/13/2015
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  • relationship advice
    Relationship Advice – Play Tai Chi Together!

    Relationship Advice Want to build a strong, lasting relationship?   Play tai chi together! Relationships require commitment and hard work. While all new relationships are exciting at the start, there...

    • 07/09/2015
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  • tai chi for arthritis
    Tai Chi for Arthritis with Dr. Paul Lam

    Tai Chi for Arthritis Tai Chi is usually practiced for relaxation, stress reduction, flexability, and tons of other great holistic health and wellness benefits.  But Tai Chi is also...

    • 07/06/2015
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  • white crane spreads its wings
    White Crane Spreads Its Wings – Focus Lesson

    White Crane Spreads Its Wings History: According to the Chinese mythology, the white crane was symbolically used to illustrate patience as well as longevity. This is mainly due to...

    • 07/01/2015
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