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This 7yr Old Karate Student is Freaking Amazing!

Martial Arts Have you seen this video yet? Mahiro is a 7 year old girl who is on the  fast track to becoming a Karate Master.  At 260,000 views only 4…

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Tai Chi ( taiji ) – Mystery Style Can You Identify This?

Tai Chi   Can you identify this style? This old video is obviously instructional but I cannot read the language nor do I recognize the form / style.   One of…

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Desert Garden Tai Chi with Jake Mace

Martial Arts Images Check out this beautiful tai chi image on a new page I started devoted just to the best martial arts and tai chi images: Taken in…


Shaolin Temple Cultural Festival 2013 L A Convention Cntr

One hour video of the Shaolin cultural event in Los Angelas, CA in 2013.

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Martial Arts Images

Martial Arts From Warriors of China by Empty Mind Films

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Tai Chi for Beginners Starring Chris Pei

Master Chris Pei is very generous here, posting a full video for us – one that others would sell as a product in itself! Be sure to bookmark this page.

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Looking for the “Art Of Tai Chi” in Wing Chung – Tai Chi show

Tai Chi Art Ready for something a little different? This video is from a show with Donnie Yen in this pre-show feature. I was all set to feature this video today…

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Tai Chi (taiji) Master Chen Bing with Silk Reeling

Tai Chi Master Chen Bing with a Silk Reeling class

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Lifetime Fitness with tai chi – Lunge exercise focus lesson

Short focus lesson on lunge exercises for lifetime fitness for self and family – shared in this post from Michael Garofalo of Cloud Hands.

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Martial Arts Black Belt Yet Blind Since Age 15ys

“Martial arts isn’t about being the best, it’s about being better.” – Joshua Loya. Totally blind since age 15 he has earned 3rd degree black belt and teaches. Never give up on your dreams!

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Time For Class – Take 30m and Attend This Tai Chi Lesson

Any student of learning who is interested to know more about tai chi history, as well as watching some forms played out, would enjoy this video. Sit back and enjoy, or follow along with the instructor.

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Chen Style 18 – By The Sea

Clear, beautiful video demonstration of the Chen Style 18 form of Tai Chi Chuan

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What is Tai Chi (taiji) – part 3

Tai Chi What is Tai Chi Chuna – Part 3 If one were to trace the origins of Tai Chi, you would need to go back many hundreds of years…

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Tai Chi Lesson on Blocking

Tai Chi Lessons Some things are universal, no matter where a person lives in the world or what language s/he speaks.  I am reminded of the “universality” of communication when…

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Four Elements of Tai Chi Chuan – Focus Lesson

Tai Chi Lesson This is a video suggested by one of our  Facebook page followers, with expert Jack C. Huang demonstrating the Four Baic Elements of tai chi; PON, LIU, JI…

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Want To Become A Tai Chi Easy Practice Leader?

You don’t have to be a Master Level practitioner to become a Practice Leader- many total beginners have moved on to become Tai Chi Easy Practice Leaders!

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Master Zhang Gwang Ping plays Tai Chi like a smooth wave

Master Zhang Gwang Ping is demonstrating “the Chen Style 48(?) competition form” .


Nan Lu Shows Open Energy Gates with Qigong

Nan Lu, OMD, shows how to open energy gates using 4 Qigong movements

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Silver Medal Winner at 2014 Asian Games – Wushu Taiji competition

Martial Arts The Annual Asian Games 2014 are currently underway in Incheon, South Korea. Here is a beautiful performance by bronze medalist’ Daniel Parantac from the Phillipines. Daniel won a Gold…