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Tai Chi Sword Played to … Is That Pink Floyd?

Tai Chi Sword to Pink Floyd   Tai Chi Sword   What do you get when you take a misty-grey overcast afternoon along the beach, add the tai chi sword player…

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Steam Punk Tai Chi

Tai Chi I just love this Yin Yang Image from the movie Tai Chi Zero and simply wanted to share it with you today. What ideas does it conjure up…

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Tai Chi Fathers – Wang Zongyue (part 4)

Tai Chi Wang Zongyue   T’ai Chi Ch’uan is recognized as being one of the oldest forms of martial arts in the world. Just how old is a somewhat debated…

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Do You Know Why Tai Chi Helps Prevent Falls?

 Tai Chi   By now it is probably not news to you that tai chi has been shown to help improve balance for those who practice it.  Recent studies with…

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Tai Chi 28 with Master Wang Zhi Qiang in Wudang Mountains

Master Wang Zhi Qiang plays tai chi on a rooftop surrounded by Wudang Mountains.

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Has Your Tai Chi Chuan Style Been Wiped From China’s List?

Could the creator of Tai Chi now be left off the official China Tai Chi heritage list?

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Yang Master Cui Zhongsan teaches a Tai Chi lesson

Tai Chi In this video you will see the Master Cui Zhongsan, who started studying Tai Chi when he was 4yrs old with his Grandfather; himself  a student of the…

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Tai Chi ( taiji ) Qigong- Swimming Dragon for spinal health

Tai Chi Qigong In today’s video blog I am sharing a couple videos on the Swimming Dragon tai chi style. First, this Youtube  video was originally shared with us on…

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Tai Chi Chuan In Space

Tai Chi Chuan   Most of us participate in at least one favorite sport as a kid, yet when we grow up I think we all would admit that we…

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Gift Ideas For The Tai Chi Player In Your Life

Christmas Gift Ideas Today I am going to do something that I have never done before – I have some pretty cool holiday and Christmas gift ideas related to tai…

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Simon Webbe uses Tai Chi To Relax Before Stage

Tai Chi News   What do you use to relax?  Last week Simon Webbe and Kristina Rihanoff danced an amazing tango performance on the BBC show Strictly Come Dancing: 2014…

Tai Chi Master theme song

Music Video From Tai Chi Master with Jet Li

Tai Chi Music Frequently I search for music or theme songs from movies that I enjoy.  Today I found and wanted to share this one from Tai Chi Master with…

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Tai Chi – Master Bakari Alexander at Asian Student Academic Awards

 Tai Chi Today I am revisiting a post that I lost last year after experiencing our hosting and server nightmare.  I found this lost post and couldn’t wait to feature it…

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Have You Measured Your Fa Jin Lately?

Is it really possible to scientifically measure tai chi fa jin?

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WuShu Now On 2015 China’s College Entrance Exam

Wushu Recently, China has incorporated the training of WuShu into the school system, and starting in 2015, it will be a requirement on College entrance exams! Listen to today’s focus…

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Not Just Another Taiji Fight Challenge

Tai Chi Usually when I see titles like this “Tai Chi Chuan verses Boxing” or “verses MMA” etc, I am immediately turned off as the implication at first glance seems…

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If You Are Teaching This in Tai Chi, STOP!

Tai Chi If you do any sports, or if you are any kind of sports / martial arts instructor, this post is a MUST WATCH.video today.  This focus lesson offers us a…

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Tai Chi Shifu Loretta – Protect Your Knees part 2

Tai Chi Featured today is another very informative focus lesson from Shifu Loretta on the topic of knee pain – preventing it and what we do wrong that causes it…

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How to Improve Common Knee Pain from Exercise or Tai Chi

First of a 3-part focus lesson on what to do with knee pain from exercise, yoga, or especially tai chi

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Surprising Research From Harvard – Does Tai Chi Improve Health?

Harvard research presentation of the health research findings of tai chi.