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Master Zhang Gwang Ping plays Tai Chi like a smooth wave

Master Zhang Gwang Ping is demonstrating “the Chen Style 48(?) competition form” .


Nan Lu Shows Open Energy Gates with Qigong

Nan Lu, OMD, shows how to open energy gates using 4 Qigong movements

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Silver Medal Winner at 2014 Asian Games – Wushu Taiji competition

Martial Arts The Annual Asian Games 2014 are currently underway in Incheon, South Korea. Here is a beautiful performance by bronze medalist’ Daniel Parantac from the Phillipines. Daniel won a Gold…

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Martial Arts Images – Jackie Chan from “Snake In The Eagle’s Shadow”

Martial Arts This is a beautiful image just released from Jackie Chan from his movie “Snake In The Eagle’s Shadow”. Caption by Jackie reads: “Hanging out is never easy in…

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Practical Method Yilu Tai Chi with Chen Zhonghua

Tai Chi They say the ancient tai chi masters studied nature and the animals in nature, and tried to apply lessons learned through their observation to the human experience. They…

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Inspirational Martial Arts Skills!

Martial Arts Have you ever tried carefully setting up a line of dominoes only to sneeze and accidentally start the chain reaction of dominoes falling?  If so, you know how…

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What is Tai Chi Chuan? (or T’ai Chi Ch’uan)

Tai Chi For many people, their first experience of Tai Chi (or Tai Chi Chuan) is the vision of elderly Chinese practitioners performing this amazing martial art at a slow,…

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Celebrities Tai Chi with Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway

Tai Chi News What do you get when you take the funny and talented actor Robert De Niro and team him up with actress Anne Hathaway,  locate them in Brooklyn’s…

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How To Stay Balanced with Tai Chi

Tai Chi Balance, proper weight distribution and body alignment are very important in all practices of martial arts, and in this discussion, tai chi.  In this video, from instructor Master…

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Morning Qigong practice discussed by Master David Dorian Ross

Qigong Ever wonder what the best morning wake-up exercise should be?  While the energy is low and the muscles still inflexible after hours of rest, the best thing to do is to get…

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Good Martial Arts Quotes – Journey of 1000 miles…

Martial Arts Quotes Martial artists rely on words of wisdom handed down through Taoist Sages, Confucius, Lao Tzu, and others.  “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single…

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Tai Chi and the Internal Arts of Neijia -pt1

What Is Tai Chi   Of all the many different styles of martial arts that are practised around the world today, from the modern combat sports to the more traditional martial…

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Master Fu Daqing playing Tai Chi

Tai Chi It does my heart good to watch this gentleman play tai chi. Master Fu Daqing is over 80 years old and moves better than some I know who…

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Did Martial Artist Bruce Lee Lift Weights?

Tai Chi Fitness Here is an interesting blog article by Anthony “X” (I didn’t see a last name). In it he discusses Bruce Lee’s workout, and his intention of building muscle. …

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Bruce Lee Martial Arts Motivational Quotes

Bruce Lee Martial Arts Quotes Oh yea! Good words to live by.  Bruce Lee was one of the most amazing martial artists of our time. His talent was amazing!  Bruce…

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Tai Chi – Ready To Give Up On Your Back Pain?

Tai Chi Medical professionals as well as others are on our feet all day long, and often suffer from back-pain issues.  If you are like me, you too may suffer…

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Tai Chi Meditation – Examine Your Past

Tai Chi Meditation Words of Wisdom for your Tai Chi ( taiji ) Meditation / Daily Inspiration

Wudang Tai Chi

New Wudang Tai Chi Video from Barcelona

Tai Chi This is newly released video from Wudang Canarias. The hauntingly-beautiful music background draws you into the show like a moth to the light, and the energy around these…

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Tai Chi Wudang 108 form with Yuan Xiu Gang

Tai Chi   A little Wudang to start your day? This is a full 15min for the 108 form by the famous Yuan Xiu Gang as he plays Taiji in the …