8 Silken Brocades Qigong Morning Stretch

By on 06/29/2015

8 Silken Brocades

When I first found this video back when I first started tai chi, I did not recognize the form they were playing.  Now I recognize this as the 8 silken brocades Qigong; I also saw it listed as “Ba Duan Jin”.   Last week I posted my favorite 8 Brocades Morning Stretch routine video that I follow along with and today I am adding to that post with this complementary video.

In this video there is no speaking or annotation, so it is probably still a great idea to start with the last week video since the instructor narrates each movement, and I posted a printable cheat sheet submitted by  another website.  I do however prefer the way this group follows through on “the flopsy” movement.  With back injuries that I must modify some movements for, this example is much gentler.


Though I don’t especially care for the changing background (personally I find that distracting), I think they are trying visually to convey the message that this can be performed anywhere, any time.  At least that is what I get from the changing background.

The clarity of the video is fair – it comes across slightly transparent but that may be due to the quality of the camera used. Even so, I found it interesting and pleasant.  This video is brought to us by the by The Chinese Health Qigong Association.

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