9 Yr Old Twins Teach Tai Chi To Seniors!

By on 06/06/2015
9 yr old twins teach tai chi

9 Yr Old Twins Teach Tai Chi

– Guest Post by George Phillips

They may not be Masters yet, but these twins are well on their way. These guys are fast learners and the seniors are loving being taught by these ‘youngins‘.

Teaching isn’t an easy task especially, if the teacher is a young boy or girl standing in front of a group of adults four to five times your age.  Amazingly, Oscar and Blake Derham are doing it so well.  These two young boys are twins with dreams of becoming professional footbal players in the European League someday; but as of today, they are wonderful martial arts teachers.  When I learnt of their inspiring story, I couldn’t wait to share it with you, my friends and readers.  I couldn’t stop wondering how 9 yr old twins teach tai chi and give instructions to a class full of mature adults including a 93 year old man.  Perhaps their story will inspire others as well.

9 yr old twins teach tai chiThe location is in Green Bay’s Pinesong-Meltifecare Retirement Village where these 9 Yr Old Twins Teach Tai Chi.  The young boys aren’t professionals but they do have experience and know Chinese martial arts like the back of their hands.  They both share an understanding, motivation, and an enthusiasm in what they have learned, and willingness to share what they are learning with their humble students.

This is how the classes are run.  Normally, the minors take turns while conducting their classes, as their father watches over them.  Quintin Derham, the father of the two upcoming stars is an extremely proud man.  He expressly said his happiness is in seeing the kids involved in community service, and most importantly helping the Parau residents.  Though at this point they are not interested in making martial arts a primary profession, dad is confident  they can deal with bullying without fighting or engaging in physical contact.

Besides the passion, the youngsters’ new found profession might have been inspired by their father’s past 13 years experience at the retirement village in the same.  This is a great opportunity for learning leadership roles.  The duo is adored at their Woodland parks school as well as in the community.  But one thing which will perhaps leave their Dad heartbroken is that their ambition is not to continue with the exercise but to be big stars in the foot ball world.  He wonders, who will step in the kids’ shoes to help the senior community continue to improve their balance and health?

Let’s hope that the Tai chi students will find other sponsors since the National Falls Prevention Programme that initially started this class through ACC withdrew its funding. I wish to convey special thanks to the organization and the entire Oscar and Blake Derham family for the great job.




Young twins teaching Tai chi | Stuff.co.nzYoung twins teaching Tai chi | Stuff.co.nz





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