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How The Way Of Tai Chi got started and a little of my personal journey


A bucket list is a list of things you have always wanted to do, but never got around to.  Time, availability, resources, and other commitments are just a few reasons why a bucket list item remains in the to do someday category.  Until recently, learning tai chi was one of those bucket list items for me.  So recently I decided to use the magic of the Internet and YouTube to try and teach myself.  I launched this website, the way of tai chi, and opened a Facebook page to start sharing tai chi videos that I found interesting, helpful, humorous, and sometimes amazing.  Little by little with encouraging feedback from you and at times very lively discussions on Facebook, I started learning more and more about tai chi.

Recently I found a new tai chi instructor who was teaching a weekly class in my local rural community.  I attended a few classes with them but found that due to my work schedule and demands of home life it was hugely inconvenient to attend those nightly classes.  So I resumed my instructions through online resources, and a few books and DVDs from experts.

The way of tai chi website is a compilation of interesting videos that I have found along with tai chi in the news, families and kids who practice tai chi, focused lessons that I have found helpful, and more.  Being a healthcare professional myself I am interested in the studies and testimonials of real users and how tai chi has improved their health.  I’m also a closet shutterbug (I love photography) so you will find that many of my critiques have a slant toward photo and video quality.

I love interaction on both our Facebook page and these blog posts so feel free to share your respectful comments, suggestions and wisdom.  Since I, and many of you are all newbies at this (many of us limited to online instruction) no questions are considered dumb and videos that I may share of personal tai chi practice are not expected to be “perfect”.  All comments are held for spam screening as well as making sure no hurtful remarks are made toward anyone else so again, you are safe here to share your thoughts  🙂


Me at the beach





Howdy folks!  Yep, this is me; the only photo of me that I have posted on any of my media.  Unlike some who enjoy being in front of the camera, I would rather remain incognito behind the camera   😉



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