You Won’t Believe What This Discovered Jian Sword Was Used For!

By on 06/17/2015
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Jian Sword

What would you do if you were planting your crops and unearthed a very old looking sword?  Most of us would take it to an expert to appraise and find out more about it.  However that is not what this 60-yr old Chinese farmer did.  Recently he found what ended up being an ancient Jian sword dating back to the Qing Dynasty with the words  Green Dragon Sword still etched into it.  The farmer, Yi Shouxiang, cleaned and sharpened the blade and was so impressed that he started using it as, get ready,  a kitchen utensil – for the past 5 years!

Recently some Government officials visiting rural villages inquiring about historical relics for a museum, which is how they learned about this treasure.  These Jian swords are still used today in some martial arts forms, including Tai Chi.

For an example of a jian sword used in a tai chi form, refer to this earlier blog post:

taiji sword


Or enjoy this always beautiful performance with Shifu Amin Wu as she performs the Wu-style Tai Chi Sword & Tai Chi Zhang (walking cane) before the beginning of the 2011  Golden State International Wushu Championships and National Team Trials.

sifu amin wu



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Chinese man finds ancient sword in ground, uses it as kitchen ...Chinese man finds ancient sword in ground, uses it as kitchen …




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