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By on 04/01/2015
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Android Games

Tai Chi Panda RPG Game – Review 

Guest post by Andrew W.


Taichi Panda is the most recent action RPG to strike the mobile scene from Snail Games. It brings an enjoyable adventure to a visually dramatic and exclusively stylized world. The release of Android Games newest “Taichi Panda” is an action adventure RPG set in a mystic world filled with goblins, bandits, demons, and pandas.

Taichi Panda is set cross-ways the vast Avzar Continent, as well as heroes pummel baddies inside volcanic abyss and atop icy peaks. There are 10 episodes in all, with each chapter separated into three scenes. You will find challenging bosses, endurance modes, and all sorts of nifty bonus if you perform well. You got 3 playable kinds of heroes, panda, a martial artist, a deadly rogue as well as the unbeatable valiant knight, each with their individual unique abilities.

Taichi Panda is a fast-paced action game with thrilling boss battles and several challenges. As a RPG player you could customize your character with apparatus, skills, and pets and so forth. Once you and your character are done you could go for real-time PvP or else join up with a team for the thrilling Team Dungeons. Therefore what are you waiting for? Have a look at this amazing 3D Android game.

The game begins by the player signing up for a Snail account to save development and choosing a server. The game has been wildly well-liked in its previous continental release with the US being the latest, so the US server is at present the least busy.

The graphics of this game are flawless. They are wonderfully animated in 3-D as well as able to create a rich and engaging ambiance for this anything, however average mobile game. The quality mirrors that of a classic console game and is a sharp contrast to the “less is more” excellence of many apps accessible.

This game is what each MMO fan has been wishing for on their mobile device. This is quick sufficient to play whilst waiting for the bus (most levels should be completed in five minutes or less) and addicting sufficient to continue playing in place of a customary console game. With online multi-player as well as a constant flow of events, this game has the prospective to be a constant favorite on several devices for a long time.

Taichi Panda – Official website – 3D Action Role-playing Mobile GameTaichi Panda – Official website – 3D Action Role-playing Mobile Game



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