Tai Chi Art – It’s all about balancing the energy

By on 02/12/2015
tai chi art

Tai Chi Art

The Chinese New Year celebrations have started and I am looking forward to finding some cool videos of tai chi and Qigong demonstrations during the festivities, so if you know of any videos and resources, feel free to share in the comments section below.  We just may feature them.  This is not Chinese new year but the tai chi balance and art grabbed my interest.

While searching, I found this cool video.  It has nothing to do with the Chinese new year celebrations, but it is a cool video that demonstrates to me the balance and harmony of tai chi through this artwork.  Therefore I classify this as a tai chi art, and I wanted to share it.  There is an interesting message that I will have to think a bit more deeply on, but beautiful art and photography nonetheless.  The art is a demonstration of balance and harmony in the rock formation.


Did you catch the balance of stone and flowing water?  Opposites in energy.


I welcome your thoughts, insights or questions

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