Baby Calmed by Tai Chi

By on 03/08/2016

Baby Calmed by Tai Chi


Though this baby does not appear to be too fussy  to start with, he definitely shows signs of ‘winding up’ for a cry.  Also we don’t know how fussy he was before starting to focus on daddy doing tai chi.  Either way, he certainly appearscurious about this unfolding tai chi dance in front of him.  In the end it does indeed look like this is a baby calmed by tai chi.



Here is another idea.

Strap your little one on you like a papoose so s/he can enjoy tai chi with you like this:

So next time your little one gets irritable for no apparent reason, (hungry, wet, etc) perhaps you can play a little qigong or tai chi to see if it calms them down.  It certainly is better than strapping him in a car seat and driving around the neighborhood for the next 30 min (another great trick when all else fails).


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