Brush Knee Twist Step – How To Do Correctly

By on 02/18/2015
Brush Knee Twist Step

Brush Knee Twist Step

Something Shifu Loretta said in this lesson that really grabbed my attention – she said “most teachers and practitioners do not do it correctly which could result in hurting yourself and diminishing your martial power.”   The brush knee twist step looks pretty simple but actually, if learned and practiced wrong, it places undue torque on the body and can actually result in injury.

Shifu Loretta offers a valuable focus lesson in this video – Watching this, you will feel like a student in her class and I have a better understanding of how to execute the brush knee twist step step correctly.  Plus, the lesson is easy to follow along with – you can mirror her steps as you watch.

If you are practicing tai chi at home, or if you are trying to teach yourself by watching and mirroring videos here online it is especially important to make sure  and take the time to watch and study focus lessons from the experts.  If you are not participating in a classroom structure it is especially important to make the time to view lessons every week.

Know anyone else learning tai chi?  Whether they are learning online or attending a class today’s focus lesson from Shifu Loretta is a great way to learn this brush knee twist step correctly from the start. Feel free to Like and share this post with your friends!

anatomy of fitness
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  1. Sifu Alex Lamas

    02/18/2015 at 9:40 am

    Yeah, she got it right! So many times I see people (even Sifu’s) do this by turning on the middle of the foot or not turning at all and it drives me crazy. I over emphasize this movement in my class because first, it is import to protect the knee ligaments and tendons and second, it gives you a wider range of motion and more power to push.

    Most practitioners do the Beijing competition style which focuses on looks and grace and takes no account of physics or martial ability. They look pretty but are actually week and could harm themselves. I hate that! It was done that way so the communists can de militarize all kung fu being practiced and now people are doing it wrong! Thank you Shifu Loretta for setting the record strait. Nice video!

    • Cathy

      02/23/2015 at 6:02 am

      Thank you for your feedback! I am intrigued by the amount of knowledge and understanding Shifu Loretta has of the physiology of tai chi. It is very well represented in her book – amazing photos!

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