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Brush Knee Twist Step

Brush Knee Twist Step – How To Do Correctly

Brush Knee Twist Step Something Shifu Loretta said in this lesson that really grabbed my attention – she said “most teachers and practitioners do not do it correctly which could result…

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Yang Master Cui Zhongsan teaches a Tai Chi lesson

Tai Chi In this video you will see the Master Cui Zhongsan, who started studying Tai Chi when he was 4yrs old with his Grandfather; himself  a student of the…

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Not Just Another Taiji Fight Challenge

Tai Chi Usually when I see titles like this “Tai Chi Chuan verses Boxing” or “verses MMA” etc, I am immediately turned off as the implication at first glance seems…

tai chi focus lesson

Time For Class – Take 30m and Attend This Tai Chi Lesson

Any student of learning who is interested to know more about tai chi history, as well as watching some forms played out, would enjoy this video. Sit back and enjoy, or follow along with the instructor.

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Tai Chi Lesson on Blocking

Tai Chi Lessons Some things are universal, no matter where a person lives in the world or what language s/he speaks.  I am reminded of the “universality” of communication when…

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Four Elements of Tai Chi Chuan – Focus Lesson

Tai Chi Lesson This is a video suggested by one of our  Facebook page followers, with expert Jack C. Huang demonstrating the Four Baic Elements of tai chi; PON, LIU, JI…

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How To Stay Balanced with Tai Chi

Tai Chi Balance, proper weight distribution and body alignment are very important in all practices of martial arts, and in this discussion, tai chi.  In this video, from instructor Master…

Tai Chi Focus Lesson

Tai Chi ( taiji ) – What “relaxed” means with Shifu Loretta Wollering

Tai Chi Focus Lesson A recent video blog post by another instructor  raised the question that I posed to our Facebook audience about what “relaxing” means in Tai Chi (…

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Tai Chi for beginners – Tips for Learning

Tai Chi for beginners This is a great little video with Shifu Loretta Wollering  giving us  tips that will help while learning Tai Chi.  In fact these tips will help when…

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Question – Is This Spam or Business As Usual?

  Tai Chi I would like to discuss with you something that has been on my mind and find out how you feel about it. Lately I see TONS of…