Chen Style Xin Jia Chen Style With Master Jesse Tsao

By on 09/02/2015
Chen Style Xin Jia

Chen Style Xin Jia


This is a new post just released by Master Jesse Tsao about 2 weeks ago (from the time of today’s blog post), where the style of tai chi that he demonstrates is the Chen style Xin Jia.  Though this is just a short 60-second clip, it is packed with some inspiring moves.  Notice the power and speed!  I think you will agree that is well worth the quick watch.

Not only is Master Jesse Tsao an internationally-recognized tai chi Master and therapist in Qigong, with over 40 years of tai chi experience, he also is a Gold Medalist in Wushu, and holds a PhD Degree in Wushu from the Shanghai Sports University.

And by the way, I LOVE the photography quality (thank you for that extra touch of professionalism),  but where is the audio?  Music is not even needed – I think the beautiful sound of the ocean would be perfect.

You can find out more about Master Jesse at his website:

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