Cheng Man-Ching Documentary

By on 01/11/2016
Cheng Man-Ching Documentary

Cheng Man-Ching Documentary

This is to announce that a new Cheng Man-Ching Documentary titled  “The Professor: Tai Chi’s Journey West” is on schedule to be released very soon.   A kickstarter project has helped move forward the dream of helping to spread the word of tai chi to a wider audience.  The documentary’s producer, Barry Strugatz, worked hard at coming up with the kickstarter project and finally in November of 2013 the project was ready to launch.  Amazingly, they raised over 60% of the funds needed in only 5 days; definitely a demand and interest out there!

Cheng Man-Ching Documentary Trailor:

Or you can watch this trailor on youtube HERE.


Titled “The Professor: Tai Chi’s Journey West”, this is a documentary that follows the life and teachings  of Master Cheng Man-Ching, and how he brought Tai Chi to the Western world in the 60’s.  Before then, very little was known about Tai Chi outside China and the Far East.

Indiewire  is an independent filmmaker website and in December of 2013 they announced the Cheng Man-Ching: The Journey West documentary as their prestigious “Project of The Day.”

As they quote on the Indiewire website:

“We’ve spent 10 years shooting this film and now it’s time to get it out there. We are preserving a vital piece of Tai Chi history and knowledge before it slips away. No one has ever reached out to the international Tai Chi community to join in on a project. The world desperately needs Tai Chi — for health and peace of mind. Help us spread the word via Master Cheng’s wise teachings!” – Barry Strugatz

The Professor: Tai Chi’s Journey West is about the great master, Cheng Man-Ching. The story of a legendary man who brought ancient traditions to the modern world, teaching Westerners how to seek an ethical, open-minded, joyful, natural way of life. We’ve spent ten years filming, interviewing and gathering archival material in order to tell the fascinating story of how Cheng was instrumental in bringing Tai Chiand classic Chinese culture to New York during the tumultuous 1960s. We present Cheng’s students, now masters in their own right, as they emotionally recount his lessons.

This Cheng Man-Ching Documentary is about the great Tai Chi master, Cheng Man-Ching, who brought his profound teachings West in the swinging, turbulent 60s.


Here on The Way of Tai Chi website, we will announce later this spring the exciting release of this long-awaited and much needed documentary.   Below is probably the most fameous video of the late Master Cheng Man-Ching demonstrating the Yang Short form:



You can view this video directly on Youtube by clicking HERE

Follow updates on the tai chi Cheng Man-Ching Documentary here 

Website dedicated to this project is TAICHIFILM.COM





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