Part 2 with Audio Instructions for Cheng Man Ching Short Form 37

By on 05/12/2015
Cheng Man Ching Short Form 37 pt2

Cheng Man Ching Short Form 37 part 2


Part 2 of the Cheng Man Ching Short Form 37


Watch the Master himself as he teaches a class in New York in the 60’s, as well as watching part 2 of yesterday’s annotated video post.  After watching the part 1 annotated video with yesterday’s  post, (you can see it here) you will want to watch today’s Cheng Man Ching short form 37 part 2  to finish out all the 37 postures of the Form.


Cheng Man Ching History:

Cheng Man Ching experienced great tragedy in his life, losing his father while still very young (around 9 years old), as well as getting hurt by a blow to the head and falling into a coma.  This accident may have shaped the rest of his life, since his mother started taking him with her into fields as they harvested natural herbs to aid his recovery.  Later he went on to study in depth the lore of ancient Chinese Herbal Medicine, and practiced medicine.

Part 2 of yesterday’s Short Form 37:


This next video is one of The Master himself, teaching students from his studio in New York.  There is no date on the video itself but here is an excerpt from Youtube from a viewer

“Posted by rubyvrooom – I first saw this video in 1998. i believe it was filmed in the early 60’s by Ken Van Sickle. Maggie Newman used to play this video and many others that were converted to VHS at her large Push Hands meets and “pot luck” in NYC. thanks for posting it. i had not seen this or the others in years.”


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