Yang Style Cheng Man Ching Short Form 37 postures – pt 1

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Cheng Man Ching Short Form 37

I was searching for a Yang  Cheng Man Ching short form 37 postures with annotations, but did not find one.  However I did find this video which offers an audio annotation.  I like this verbal guidance that accompanies the form presentation because it’s helpful as a person is modeling the form.  It allows us to concentrate on the movement without watching the computer when following along.

I recommend watching it a couple times though, paying close attention to the verbal cue and how well it matches up with the action. Personally I think it would help if the name of each posture was annotated on the video at the same time; just makes it easier for us beginners.

I found a list of postures for the Cheng Man Ching – 37 (copied and pasted below).   However remember, this video is part 1 of the full 37 postures.


Here is a list of the full 37 postures of the Cheng Man Ching short form 37:

  • Preparation

  • Beginning

  • Ward Off, Left

  • Ward Off, Right

  • Roll Back

  • Squeeze

  • Push (Postures 3 through 7 are known as “Grasping the Sparrow’s Tail”

  • Single Whip

  • Raise Hands

  • Shoulder Stroke

  • White Crane Stretches Its Wings

  • Brush Knee Left

  • Play Guitar (Followed by Brush Knee Left)

  • Step Up and Block

  • Parry and Punch

  • Apparent Close-up

  • Cross Hands

  • Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain (followed by Roll Back, Squeeze, Push, then corner Single Whip)

  • Fist Under Elbow

  • Step Back and Repulse Monkey, Right

  • Step Back and Repulse Monkey, Left (Followed by three more Repulse Monkeys: Right, Left, and Right)

  • Diagonal Flying

  • Wave Hands Like Clouds, Left

  • Wave Hands Like Clouds, Right (Followed by three more cloud hands left, right, left, to Single Whip)

  • Single Whip, Lower Style (Also known as “Snake Creeps Up” (or Down))

  • Golden Cock Stands on One Leg, Right

  • Golden Cock Stands on One Leg, Left

  • Separation of the Right Foot

  • Separation of the Left Foot

  • Turn Body and Kick With Heel (This posture is followed by Brush Knee, Left and then Brush Knee, Right)

  • Step Forward and Punch (Followed by Ward-off Right, Roll Back, Squeeze, Push and Single Whip)

  • Fair Lady Weaves (Works) Shuttle I- A textbook example of how defense precedes offense in Tai Chi

  • Fair Lady Weaves (Works) Shuttle II (Followed by two more Fair Ladies, Grasping the Sparrow’s Tail, Single Whip and Snake Creeps Down)

  • Step Up to Seven Stars

  • Retreat to Ride Tiger

  • Turn Body Sweep Lotus Leg

  • Bend Bow Shoot Tiger (The form is close out by step up, block, parry and punch followed by Apparent Close-up, Cross Hands and Close)



Cheng Man-chʻing’s Advanced Tʻai-chi Form Instructions: With Selected …
Manqing Zheng, published 1985, 162 pages




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