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By on 04/16/2015
cheng man ching Snipped from the video itself

Cheng Man Ching


Following up on a discussion from our Facebook page with a former student of his, I wanted to find a video of Cheng Man-Ching so we can get all get a glimpse of him.   This footage was used during the late 60’s to early 70’s as an example / instructional video for the Yang 37 form, actually developed by Cheng Man-Ching himself.   He was a student of  Master Yang Chenfu.

The above information I gleaned from the discussions under this Youtube video post.

I am obviously not posting this for instructional purposes, as the clarity and quality over the years has deteriorated considerably; no telling where the original copy is now.  Hopefully in a cold-storage vault somewhere.  But this is what we have available on the internet.  There are others, but I wanted to find the oldest one possible of Cheng Man-Ching himself.

Cheng Man-Ching had personal flaws and troubles and many focus on that during a discussion of his tai chi.  In my opinion, that does not detract from his tai chi  ability but instead it speaks volumes about using tai chi as a vehicle for coping and self improvement.  Where would he have ended up without it?  After all, aren’t we all seeking something to help us deal with our own stress, health, negativity or other demons?  Yes, tai chi is a wonderful outlet for these and more.


Cheng Man-chʻing’s Advanced Tʻai-chi Form Instructions: With Selected …
Manqing Zheng, published 1985, 162 pages

There are No Secrets: Professor Cheng Man-chʻing and His Tai Chi Chuan
Wolfe Lowenthal, published 1991, 142 pages

The Uniqueness of Cheng Man Ching’s Taijiquan | Tambuli …
The Uniqueness of Cheng Man Ching’s Taijiquan. In his in-depth interview in Nigel Sutton’s new book, Wisdom of Taiji Masters, Sifu Koh Ah Tee talks about the history, practice and secrets of Cheng man Ching’s Taijiquan.


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