Create Space for Tai Chi

By on 11/13/2015
create space for tai chi

Create Space for Tai Chi

In this hectic, full throttle world that we all live in, I have noticed that people have all sorts of excuses for why they do not accomplish some of the things they really wish they could do (yes, myself included); hence, the “back burner” which eventually becomes “the bucket list”.

For instance, in a past newsletter survey I posed the question “What are your biggest stumbling blocks to starting or practicing tai chi, yoga, or any other martial art or sport you enjoy?” The answers were interesting but most fell into the same category of either not having enough time, or location limitations meaning not having enough room or space.

In my mind, the solution is the same – we each have to carve out and create the “space” in our life to include what is important to us. In other words, if we don’t readily have the time or a great location for practice, sometimes we are forced to just create this space. Perhaps for you it is not tai chi but possibly its exercising in general, or writing, or painting, even spending time with a spouse or the kids? But the problem is, with an already full schedule how do we begin to “create space” for these other things?

Here is the answer: you have to make a conscious decision that you can’t wait for the stars to align just right, and the universe move in a Tai Chi Master right next door to you. Instead, you are going to make room in your life for whatever it is that you really want. That means looking at your calendar and the daily / weekly obligations that you already have. Look at each day individually. Perhaps on a work day, playing tai chi early in the morning along with your morning coffee or tea works best? Maybe on Saturday an evening schedule would work better? Pencil it in now – start with 10 minute blocks and put it on your calendar. In time this may grow to 30 minutes but let it grow gradually.

The goal at first is to get it on your calendar just like any other important appointment that you make.
Just remember, your tai chi “appointment” does not have to be at the exact same time every day as long as it is sometime every day. You may have to adjust these appointments weekly to account for a changing schedule.

Another problem often listed is lack of a location or physical space to actually play tai chi or whatever activity it is you want to do. Again this gets down to the question of creating space; you must literally “create space”, or make a location in your life to perform your chosen task. Perhaps for you this means going to the gym, or hanging out in the garage, a basement area, a converted bedroom or storage room, or just moving some furniture around in the living room.

In my case I cleared out an unused storage room. (Well, I guess technically it was being used – to store stuff!) I donated many carloads full of “stuff” to our local thrift store which sells donated items to raise money for the local Hospital Auxiliary. They buy all kinds of great items for the hospital that otherwise would be eliminated from budget cuts. I also sold some items on Craig’s list, and eBay which gave me a little spending case. However I will warn from personal experience, don’t look at all your stuff and think “I can just sell it on eBay” because it will remain in that same storage pile for many more years. Ask me how I know!

Just as an artist must find a place to paint or a writer must find a place to write, in order to do whatever activity you chose, you must look to yourself to create the space in your life.




This next guy gives an idea of making an inexpensive martial arts dojo in his garage without spending much money:


Here is a very good article I found on  that addresses building a low cost gym at home.  The information in that article is good and can be applied to building one for tai chi or any other sport.  CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT   .  The idea is the same – you don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a workout / practice area at home.





  1. kcmunro

    11/13/2015 at 12:14 pm

    We have that bucket list…..this summer we spent 3 months in Alaska kayaking the Inside Passage from Skagway to Ketchkin. ….took that one off our list. It was amazing.

    • Cathy

      11/13/2015 at 12:31 pm

      Wow – Congratulations that is quite an accomplishment!

      • kcmunro

        11/13/2015 at 3:27 pm

        Yes, it was spectacular. We saw some of the most amazing things.

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