30 min Narrated Tai Chi Lesson with Demonstration

By on 12/28/2015

Narrated Tai Chi Lesson

Lately I have really been enjoying this  “learning phase” where I want to know more about tai chi, the history, development, philosophy, influential masters, and how tai chi (taiji)  came to be the sport we know and enjoy today.   Pursuing this quest, I found this video that I thought was rather well done and I want to share it with you today.  I like the way this video starts out with a narrated tai chi lesson for several minutes before the demonstrations begin.

This is an un-hurried video that lasts shortly over 30 minutes.  It is narrated in English by a Chinese-fluent narrator, and I appreciated hearing how she pronounced some of the names I otherwise just see in writing and have to “sound out’ on my own.  The video starts with a brief history of tai chi chuan with the most influential leaders listed in a teacher-student chart.

The majority of the video consists of several tai chi demonstrations, including several weapons.

Any student of learning who is interested to know more about tai chi history as well as watching some  forms played out, would enjoy this video.  Sit back and enjoy, or follow along with the instructor Master Kai Ying Tung from the Academy of Tai Chi Chuan.

If you know anyone who might be interested in learning more about tai chi history, I invite you to share this blog post with them.



Tai Chi for Beginners and the 24 Forms
Paul Lam, Nancy Kaye, published 2006, 207 pages



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