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Tai Chi ( taiji ) Stretches to Improve Flexibility

Looking for some good Tai Chi lessons that you can use to focus on one specific area or to use as  warm up exercises?  This tai chi lessons is used to improve flexibility and help build strength and balance.  It is a  good video created by Tricia Yu.  In this part 1, Tricia  shows us some stretches we can do specifically to help increase flexibility needed when performing Tai Chi poses.  You will probably recognize within each stretch  how it relates to a Tai Chi pose counterpart.

Tricia is thorough, has professional delivery through good video and audio, and each stretch is well demonstrated.  Thank you Tricia!

 Tai Chi ( Taiji ) for Flexibility, Advanced


Here is the Part 2 of the Tai Chi warm up stretching exercises with Tricia Yu. This video is not for beginners – that would be yesterday’s Part 1 video.

Remember, if you are new to Tai Chi or if you have not been stretching, you will probably find these stretches rather challenging, if you try to perform them as you see Tricia Yu demonstrate in this video. For instance, if you have not been stretching, no way your fists will rest gently on the floor with the forward bend she does in this video. Not unless you can stretch your arms like Gumby! The important thing is to do what you can, knowing all the while what the end result will be as your flexibility improves.





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knee pain from tai chi

How to Improve Common Knee Pain from Exercise or Tai Chi

by Shifu Loretta Wollering

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Shifu Loretta Wollering on

Lesson: Proper Understanding of “Relax” with Tai Chi






Tai Chi Understanding with Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang

Though Grandmaster is not speaking in English, this video was so instructive that it took me 15 minutes to watch; I kept stopping and taking notes!

One stumbling block beginners have is with the different language and terminology used within martial arts. In this video, in the first 3.5 min, Grandmaster both describes lots of terms for us, but also shows their application. Then he switches by explaining a core concept and “deep mystery” of Tai Chi. But don’t worry, I am not going to spoil it by telling you here.