Full 8 Silken Brocades Morning Qigong Routine

By on 06/23/2015

Morning Qigong Routine


With follow-along handout showing / describing each of the 8 postures

This video has ended up being one of my favorite “quick go to ” videos for a follow-along morning stretch.  The instructor in this video is calm, clear, speaks slowly and models everything he is showing us.  You can bookmark this page and use it as I do for a morning stretch.   This morning qigong routine is called 8 Silken Brocade Qigong, or some call it the Eight Silken Movements or the Eight Treasures Dao-yin.  Originating in China thousands of years ago, many millions of people around the world start their day with these stretches.



This is perfect for a morning warm-up to open the energy meridians and “wake up” the body.

I found today’s video and chose to share it with you because it is thorough, there is a voice-over narration explaining what to do, and the video is only 8 minutes long so very do-able in the context of a video blog post for you.  I enjoy this ” 8 Brocades” so much that I am starting a new morning wake-up routine that includes this along with my coffee.  Well, OK; after my first cup.

Handout located at the resource below


The Eight Brocades | PearltreesThe Eight Brocades 







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