Gift Ideas For The Tai Chi Player In Your Life

By on 11/26/2014
Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas

tai chi gifts

Tai Chi Gift Ideas

Today I am going to do something that I have never done before – I have some pretty cool holiday and Christmas gift ideas related to tai chi that you might be interested in taking a look at. Got someone on your list who you want to get something special for? Looking for unique ideas? These designs are definitely unique, not mass-produced (made by me so I know) and sure to get a smile of surprise and thanks by any tai chi player. The tai chi salute is my personal artwork so I KNOW you won’t find the exact thing anywhere else!

The great news is I sell them all on Amazon so you know you can order with confidence that your transaction is fast, easy, and universally trusted.

The only problem is, there truly are limited quantities and I will not have more until after the new year, so be sure to get them soon!

Each item is listed separately on Amazon:
I love Tai Chi (Love is a yin/yang heart) 16.00

I love Tai Chi Salute Mug 16.00

World Tai Chi Qigong Day Mug 14.00

Tai Chi Salute Ceramic Ornament – design is on both sides 14.00

Yin / Yang Heart Ornament – design is on one side 13.00

I Love (yin/yang heart) Tai Chi bumper sticker 5.00

I welcome your thoughts, insights or questions

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