Grandmaster Lu Zijian – Lived 118 years

By on 01/21/2014
Grandmaster Lu Zijian

Tai Chi Grandmasters

Do Tai Chi and Qi Gong really help a person to maintain health long into old age?  Well, the evidence seems overwhelmingly to point that way.  And not to imply that is the only reason why Grandmaster Lu Zijian lived to be 118 years old (some say 113, I think after 100 it’s a mute point).  But certainly lifestyle must be a factor.   Especially when you consider he did not spend the last 10 years of his life wasting away in a nursing  home unable to communicate.

In this video, Grandmaster Lu Zijian is said to be, let’s just say, WELL over 100!!!!

Perhaps EVERYONE needs to take a second look at Tai Chi and Qigong as a lifestyle activity.

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  1. Dr. Juan Otero

    02/02/2014 at 9:47 pm

    A little bit of Taiji, a little bit of QiQong, and a little bit of BaGua. Awesome. Loved it.
    Dr. J Otero

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