How To Do A Tai Chi / Qigong Energy Clearing Wrap-Up

By on 04/09/2014
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Tai Chi for Beginners

In my tai chi for beginners class last night we end each class doing a form of this tai chi / qigong energy clearing and balancing.  Here is a full 15 minute focus lesson tutorial by Shifu Loretta Wollering fully explaining how to do this energy clearing.  Today’s lesson is helpful whether you are learning tai chi entirely online, in a nearby class setting, or like me a combination of both.

Don’t miss Shifu Loretta’s wrap-up comments in the last 2 minutes where she explains how you can “make this practice your own” by substituting the tai chi salute with something more comfortable to you if you like that better.  I think this is especially important to those who are slightly afraid of the Eastern arts, for fear of perhaps practicing in something “against their religious teachings”.  That comes from lack of understanding but that’s a subject for a different post.

Did you catch the part where Shifu Loretta explains how the diaphragm is physically connected to the spine, and ties together the understanding of how that relationship affects our posture and breathing!  Something many have never considered before; just one more piece of evidence why posture and breathing are so interconnected.

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