International Recognition of Tai Chi Chuan and Yoga

By on 05/19/2015
international recognition of tai chi

International Recognition of Tai Chi

China Pushes for same status and recognition of tai chi as yoga is for India

We sometimes think of Yoga followers and Tai Chi Chuan advocates as being in two separate and sometimes “warring” camps.  While that may be true of some individuals, for the most part that is not the case in the larger scheme of things.  The fact of the matter is, many followers of one discipline also participate in the other camp too.  I recollect recently learning how historically, the earliest mind-body teachings branched off in the two countries, one developed further into Tai Chi Chuan in China, the other became Yoga practice in India.  Though in our modern era, Yoga has taken it’s place front-and-center as the premiere mind-body tool, in recent years Tai Chi Chuan has exploded in terms of popularity.  In fact, we see at the United Nations a Chinese “push” for International recognition of Yoga AND Tai Chi Chuan.

Recently, India has successfully managed to have the International Yoga Day designated on June 21 by the UN, which China has greatly supported.  Last week  the Temple of Heaven in Beijing  conducted a presentation of attended by China’s Prime Minister Modi and Premier Li Keqiang where hundreds of Indian and Chinese youth together presented tai chi and yoga.  Both leaders thoroughly enjoyed the display of two ancient arts.  Yoga is considered as a major tool for soft democracy in India, and China is now pushing for similar international recognition of tai chi for their country.

international recognition of tai chiDuring the 68th World Health Assembly to be held in Geneva, Yoga will be among the major issues to be addressed. The assembly will begin on May 18 till May 27.  During the mega event of assuming the presidency in India, the union health minister will launch a photo exhibition known as Yoga for All, Yoga for Health.  The exhibition will also receive endorsement from the World Health organization.  One of the organization’s directors will participate in the launching of the event along side the Union Health minister.  WHO’s supreme decision making body, the Health Assembly, will be responsible for reviewing all the organization’s activities through out the year.  They will also help set new priorities to be met in the future.

There are numerous key issues that the assembly is expected to review by the end of this year. Some of these key issues include preparedness and surveillance, global health, air pollution and health, global strategy on public health, global health emergency, development and research in tropical diseases and intellectual property and innovation. The minister is also expected to attend several multilateral and bilateral meetings alongside the Health Assembly.  He will also meet with the BRICS and Commonwealth health ministers.



China wants Yoga-like global status for Tai Chi - The Economic TimesChina wants Yoga-like global status for Tai Chi – The Economic Times


United Nations Declares June 21 as 'International Day of Yoga'United Nations Declares June 21 as ‘International Day of Yoga’




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  1. Angelika

    05/27/2015 at 2:17 pm

    Well, let’s seen when the UN will recognize the World Tai Chi & Qi Gong Day!

    Until then: let’S continuously spread the word about Taijiquan und Qi Gong! I long for the day when I do not have to explain anymore what Taijiquan or Qi Gong is, because everyone will simply know or maybe even have done it!

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