Ip Tai Tak

By on 03/20/2016
Ip Tai Tak

Ip Tai Tak

Let’s look at Snake Style Tai Chi founder,  Ip Tai Tak,  in greater detail.


Known as a respected ambassador of Tai Chi Chuan, the late Grandmaster Ip Tai Tak will forever be remembered for his efforts in maintaining the ancient discipline of Tai Chi. He lived from 1929 to 2004 and lived a life focused on the development of Tai Chi Chuan. He practiced the Snake System of Tai Chi Chuan for decades. His form was impeccable and his students learned from one of the best in the world.

Ip Tai Tak’s Contribution to Tai Chi Chuan

Grandmaster Tak learned the ancient movements from Master Yang. From the year 1958, Ip Tai Tak was Master Yang’s loyal student. For 28 years, he practiced the Snake System with his mentor and adoptive father. He passed on the system to his disciples and gave them the permission to teach it everywhere in the world. Previously, the Tai Chi Chuan Snake System was only taught to members of the Yang family. Grandmaster Tak changed this and let his disciples teach it to all who wanted to learn the ancient art. He made significant contributions to it over the years.

He innovated new techniques that helped his students learn the movements. He introduced special exercises and drills that prepared the body and the mind for Snake System Tai Chi Chuan. He was able to reflect Tai Chi Chuan as a way of life that lives and breathes. He also taught various character traits to his students.

Grandmaster Ip Tai Tak encouraged his students to practice trust, dedication to the Snake System as well as humility. Not to be forgotten are traits such as honesty, self and mutual respect. The great teacher believed that these traits were important in developing a holistic understanding of the Tai Chi Chuan system. Thanks to these efforts, his students mastered the ancient movements and became global ambassadors of the same.

The principles that ITT taught

There are some guiding principles that Grandmaster Ip Tai Tak taught his followers. One of these is that Tai Chi Chuan achieves permanence by moving forward. He indicated that his disciples should strive to teach it and pass it on from one generation to the next. This maintains the strength of the discipline and allows the young generations to learn the Snake System.

The great grandmaster also taught that the foundations of Tai Chi Chuan are the principles and concepts that one learns on their journey in the discipline. Complete dedication to Tai Chi Chuan is necessary so as to gain the mental, physical and spiritual benefits of the practice. To become a master of Tai Chi Chuan, one needs to maintain focus on the concepts. Also, one should have the courage to pursue the discipline and keep growing and evolving over time.


The grandmaster applied his spirit while he taught. By doing this, he was able to influence the students to become masters of Tai Chi Chuan. He also inspired them to be better people and a positive influence int heir communities. Every lesson was filled with joy, delights, dedication and enthusiasm to push the discipline forward. As a result, the spirit of Grandmaster Ip Tai Tak lives on in his students, Tai Chi Chuan and the Snake System forever.








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