What Is This “Iron Palm” All About?

By on 04/15/2015
iron palm

Iron Palm


I saw this video and I was SO filled with questions, that I thought I would share this with you and see what you thought too.   This is called Iron Palm and it is a type of  Shaolin Martial Art.  Since I am a learner, here to share what I have found helpful and interesting, I thought I would post this on our blog and ask you, the experts, to weigh in to explain it to us.

Here are my initial questions as I watched the video of Iron Palm, and I am sure if you too have never see this type of performance, these are probably your questions too.  I have listed the questions under the video.


Here are my initial questions:
1. Why does he slam his hand against a brick then slam a brick on his hand?

2. It looks like he is rotating his hand slamming both the palm and back?

3. Is someone in the background making sound effects? If not, how is so much acustics generated from a slapping hand?

4. His hand is a different color – does he train just one hand and the other is “normal”?

5. What in the world (medically) is left of his hand muscles and tendons?

6. My hand would be like mashed potatoes at this point.  What does he do to train his hand for strength?


Looking forward to your replies with other questions or knowledgeable answers.




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  1. Dragon boy 999

    01/13/2016 at 8:25 am

    Iron palm is an external skill ONLY. You’ll see and hear lots of myth and magic about it that no one can demonstrate in person. Conditioning the hand, and learning how to throw it with technique to maximize power delivery, is all there is to it!

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