Jackie Chan Guest on Conan – Teaches A Stunt

By on 12/02/2015
Jackie Chan on Conan

Jackie Chan on Conan

This is really a fun 11 min clip of Jackie Chan as a guest on Conan Obrian’s show. I never knew this before but Jackie does not use stunt men, he does all his own action shots. In addition to that, as he describes in this clip, so many of the action shots are truly filmed as we see it in the movie. So for instance, the scene in Twin Dragons where the car is racing toward him while he fights on the floor with a bad guy, that car truly is racing toward him!

In the image clip he is showing the audience how during the filming of one movie he broke his ankle during the action shot. But the show must go on! – So he shows us how he had to get a wheelchair to prop his knee / leg on while the camera did an upper body shot of Jackie running.


At 7 min, they come back from a commercial break (commercial cut out of this video, no worries) and at 9 min Conan asks Jackie to show how a stunt is done so he does a demonstration for the audience.

In total this is just 11 minutes but it is a fun clip – enjoy!


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The Official Jackie Chan Website
Golden Horse Awards . Nov 21, 2015 · On Saturday evening, Jackie Chan was in Taiwan to present the Lifetime Achievement Award to Teresa Lee Li Hua.




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