Tai Chi – What’s It All About pt 2; Consciousness and Energy Level

By on 02/04/2015
tai chi

Tai Chi

Tai Chi Spiritual Awakening begins with learning how to recognize self.  Problem is, we live our lives in the 5% of consciousness that is “self aware”.  The other 95% of our consciousness is driven by the “subconscious”. This is the level where we react to life in a mostly “automatic” way, based on programs established earlier in our lives.

tai chi Interestingly, most people want to make changes and change some aspects of their life, yet they seem to go round in circles never moving past the wishing stage.  Why is this so?  Because in order to make the changes that we so desire, we must learn how to step back and “observe” our self.  As an observer we will notice why we act / react in certain ways.

The only way to accomplish this is through meditation.


Like turbid waters, we must wait till the waters have calmed to a stillness in order to see what lies below  the surface. Similarly, we cannot see our self or discover what automatic programs are driving us until we “still the mind” through meditation. Without using the term “tai chi” today, Jason is talking of achieving a level of balance through meditation.  And remember, tai chi can be a moving meditation!

Looking forward to part 3!

For more information on Jason Chan you can check out his page by clicking here.

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