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By on 04/02/2015
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Joe Lok

Tai Chi Holistic Health with Joe Lok

I am making a couple updates to this blog post with Joe Lok by adding a couple focus lectures about tai chi gathering energy (peng).  It is interesting, he states he cannot express himself well in words but I think he did a magnificent job!

I especially like the point he makes about the common use of “sinking” when gathering energy.  His point is this; “sinking” implies a moving down, toward the earth, when actually the energy is gathering in the dan tien, the middle.  So Joe Lok prefers to use the terms like “condensing” or “consolidating” of the energy.  I agree.  Not until watching this instruction did I realize that I was one who thought that the energy moved down toward the feet with the term ‘sinking’.  I like condensing better.

I get ticked watching his “slow motion” punches which are still faster than I can ever do it.


This is  a second video Joe Lok did on the subject of PENG and gathering energy – this video drills down more in depth and he has a guest with him for demonstration.  With this deeper demonstration and discussion of PENG by working with a guest, we can see how to apply the concepts to our personal practice.  This is a good accompanyment to the first (above) video focus lesson:



New Tai Chi Gem for you to watch. This great little video was just uploaded in January so chances are good that you have not seen it yet. Though short ( slightly over 2 minutes) it is quite well done.
In some browsers the camera takes maybe 5 seconds to focus but from then on it is sharp and clear, and easy to follow all aspects of each movement as Joe Lok flows from one posture to the next.

Here, Joe Wai Man Lok shows us a form they call Phoenix in graceful clouds of blessing and is at the Natural Energy Academy .  Their FB posts are not in English but perhaps we can encourage an English translation post?

My only criticism is, it’s too short; I find myself wanting to watch more!  Do you notice the same thing?

The purpose of this exercise is to quickly balance and allow a free flow of energy throughout all eight channels, and allow the twelve meridians to strengthen the individual organs and promote normal functioning.

I am rather pumped about this video and looking forward to trying it this evening after a busy day at work.  Anyone  want to join me?



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