Learn Tai Chi Online – Intro Class Level 1

By on 04/06/2015
learn tai chi online

Learn Tai Chi Online


 David Dorian Ross With Jet Li’s Online Academy – Lesson 1


I am SO happy to have found this video and I am reading / learning more about Jet Li’s Online Tai Chi Academy even as I  post this blog posting.  But I don’t want to wait – let me get this first lesson out to you today.  This is a stunningly beautiful video production!  Yes, the photography geek in me is showing but it truly makes a difference in our learning and enjoyment of what we watch. This is a wonderful video to watch if you, like me, needed to learn tai chi online because of your circumstances (for me it is mostly location & time available).


The first video below David explains Peng, “expansion of energy” and breaks down the tai chi form movement which is an expression of Peng.   He goes into detail with proper footwork (yes, there is even a foot-placement chart), then details the hand and waist movement, then ties it all together with how this is related to our energy.


Lesson 1 – Peng:



For more information on Jet Li’s page, check out his link below:

Learning Tai Chi Online - Jet Li's Online AcademyLearning Tai Chi Online – Jet Li’s Online Academy


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