Man of Tai Chi Movie Review

By on 03/13/2015
man of tai chi movie review

Man of Tai Chi Movie Review


My Thoughts After Viewing Man of Tai Chi


I almost never offer movie reviews but after watching Man Of Tai Chi with Kenau Reeves, wanted to share my Man of Tai Chi movie review.  Frankly, after all the press and media exposute, I am so glad to finally get a chance to watch The Man of Tai Chi movie!  It came out in DVD last week so I watched it last night before bed. I am not one who watches fighting films so there were a couple parts where I had to close my eyes.

The part of this documentary I found most interesting was around 6:50 when they started talking about how Kenau and Tiger met and came up with the idea of this movie. I think the role Kenau played could have been developed a little deeper but I do like the way this movie portrayed the sport (art) of Tai Chi.  They were loyal to explaining the most common practice which is for health, the need for internal development and fidelity to meditation and growing the soul.  But they also mention it is originally a fighting martial art and obviously that is the direction Tiger went with his talent.

The action and fighting scenes were nothing short of phenomenal!  You know how most martial arts fight scenes look fake?  Not in this movie.  They looked so real that I could not understand how the actors could still stand up after the fighting scenes.

By the way, I never saw what happened to Tiger’s stab wound during the final fight? Was it just forgotten? Did I miss something there?


I recommend you watch this at a time, NOT immediately before going to bed or you will be so wound up you won’t sleep (yep, that’s what happened to me).  I even had a dream about this after watching it.

What are your thoughts on the movie? Do you like the way Tai Chi was portrayed?




  1. Roger

    04/03/2015 at 1:10 pm

    When I heard about it, I was excited! When I saw all the violence in the trailers, I was disappointed. As a result I didn’t see the film for a long while. When I did see it, finally, it included my favorite story — the training of an aspiring adept of the arts by an older, wiser teacher.

    In the final analysis, like with all Gongfu movies, I tolerated the mainstream story with all the “kickass” and over the top violence, to be able to enjoy the understory of the master and the student.

    For better or worse, there are not many people who would buy a ticket to a Gongfu – Kung fu – Tai Chi — movie if it doesn’t have drugs or alcohol or extreme sex or violence.

    Dr Jahnke — Roger

  2. Patti D.

    03/13/2015 at 8:38 am

    I waited with anticipation for this film to come out and was sorely disappointed. Give me Ip Man any day!

  3. Alex Lamas

    12/16/2013 at 7:43 am

    For Keanu being a first time director, I thought he did a great job. Very good story, decent performances and the fight scenes were pretty spectacular.

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