Martial Arts for Anti-Bullying

By on 01/13/2016
martial arts for anti-bullying

Martial Arts for Anti-Bullying

Being in school is an exciting time for kids.  Teachers, socializing, learning new things, sports activities, and the dream of a career someday can be a great source of happiness.  But for a child who is preyed upon by bullies, the fun of being in school is replaced with fear and humiliation.  You may decide to approach the school for advice, but still you may feel as if you have no control over the situation.   There will always be bullies, and if your child is constantly dealing with one, it can be scary when you are not sure what to do next.  My suggestion is- martial arts for anti-bullying!

Luckily there are several things you can do to help solve the problem but the best plan is to instill self-confidence in them and teach them how to defend their self.   I suggest martial arts for anti-bullying be taught because it can accomplish both goals – give kids the skills needed for self-defense, and the confidence and self-respect that comes from knowing what to do and how to do it.

Self Confidence

Confidence comes from competence; knowing that you are able to do something well.  For instance, I am confident that I can accomplish many things, but flying an airplaine is not one of them.  If you asked me to fly a plane, I would have very poor self confidence that I could accomplish that task.  However if I took lessons and became proficient in that skill, my confidence would increase dramatically because I would then be competent in that skill.

The same is true with self-defense.  A child (or anyone else for that matter) is going to have very poor self confidence that they can defend their self if they have never learned how.  If however they participate in martial arts classes and learn what to do and how to do it, their self-confidence will improve dramatically because they now know that they are competent in that skill.  Sure martial arts is a discipline that one can continue mastering over a lifetime, but even a few short weeks of focused instruction will help immensely!

martial arts for anti-bullyingDiscuss Bullying With Your Child

Before suggesting that your child learn self-defense technique, it is important to help them feel comfortable about discussing their bullying experiences.  They may feel they are getting picked on because other kids think they look somehow lazy, weak, cowardly, and unable to defend themselves when physically assaulted.  They may project and feel all the other kids see them the same way that the bully sees them.  Keenly listen to what they have to say while asking relevant questions until you understand the entire story.  If possible, you can share any personal encounters you had with bullies. This will enable them to understand your feelings and realize they are not alone.

You can then propose some techniques to counter the situation.   It helps if you have done some research beforehand to find local classes that you could suggest to your child.   Martial arts help a person to be more nimble and flexible, energetic, and quick.   It’s very unlikely for a bully launch attacks on a kid who knows martial arts because they are afraid of being outsmarted in front of others, which would tarnish their pride.  That’s why they usually pick out the soft targets in the first place.  Below are several self defense suggestions to check out:

Anti-bullying Suggestions:

  1. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a form of martial art that trains your child on how to be perfect in ground self defense. Most importantly, children are taught how to defend themselves when physically attacked. They will learn how to fight attackers through sweeps, guards, submissions, reversals, and positioning.


  1. Kickboxing

Through kickboxing, children will learn how to shield themselves while standing up. They are taught how to effectively throw and defend punches, footwork, and head movements. Such skills are very essential when counteracting bullying attacks.


  1. Local Self Defense classes

Some organizations and youth groups offer generic classes in “self defense” which usually end up being a mixture of many moves including boxing, martial arts, wrestling, etc.


  1. Simulations and “sparring”

At home you can simply role-play the above forms of martial arts with your kid. Simulating some few bullying situations with your kid is very crucial since it will teach them how to react to stressful confrontations. We are basically role-playing different self-defense scenarios when practicing martial arts. Through enough practice, your child will have more self-confidence to recall and adequately respond to physical attacks.

  1. Body Language

Teach your child how to stand straight with eyes focused and feet glued to the ground when in a dangerous situation. They should also learn how to do focused breathing and speak with confidence so as to avoid giving off any signals of weakness.  Your child should learn how to stand their ground despite actually feeling fear.


  1. Tai Chi

I also suggest your child begin learning Tai Chi.  Tai chi can be part of a longer-term plan for decreasing anxiety and general anxiousness, and teach him/her how to calm the mind and body.  This skill would not only be helpful for the stresses of school, but can be used for stress of life in general.  Your child will learn the basics of movement and energy and flow.  This is a skill they will need throughout their life.



Folks this is an excellent little video that sums up exactly what I have been saying; martial arts for anti-bullying is a perfect solution:


Thank you Sifu Sean and Oshawa Wing Chun & Martial Arts for this spot-on video.


If you are any kind of martial art school and offer anti-bullying and/or self defense for kids of any age, please feel free to list your website url below in the comments section.  Let’s help people  find you and your services!   (Please allow up to 24 hours for your comments to be posted here)





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