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By on 03/10/2015
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Tai Chi, quigong and other internal martial arts practice meditation which has ancient Chinese roots. The Masters and teachers of meditation were often the Buddhist monks who devoted their life to meditation and religious service.  It is within the ancient surviving relics of this bygone age that scientists have recently found an amazing discovery.  This statue is actually a tomb!


martial arts newsWho would have thought to subject this life-sized statue of a Buddhist Monk to a CT scan?  Perhaps it was due to the recent discovery in Mexico where scientists have found human remains inside of religious relics. Up until now these discoveries have only been seen in Mexico.  But now we are wondering if perhaps this practice was more widespread than first thought.

Human remains are exactly what scientists have found entombed inside the life-sized statue of a Buddhist monk. Drents Museum in the Netherlands is the scene of this new discovery. A Buddhist statue believed to be that of Master Liuquan of a Chinese Meditation School, and lived until around 1100 AD.

In cooperation with Erik Brujin a Buddhist Art expert, the statue was carefully transported to the Meander Medical Center in Amersfoort where it underwent CT scanning and a biopsy of sorts where inner samples were removed with the aid of an endoscope.

ct scan monk1

Picture: Jan van Esch / Meander Medisch Centrum


What they found was truly remarkable. Inside this statue is a full-size human mummy! And in place of where the organs once were, tiny bits of paper with Chinese characters written on it were found. As amazing as this discovery is, equally amazing is the believed self- mummification process endured by spiritual leaders to carry this out.




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