What Are Your New Year Resolutions?

By on 12/31/2015

New Year Resolutions

new year resolutions


OK folks, here we go again.  The New Year is upon us and for many (myself included), it is time to make a few New Year Resolutions.  Some may think this is corny, but I have always looked forward to the reflection-anticipation thought process.  These resolutions do not have to be spectacular (like becoming a millionaire), but they shouldn’t be mediocre either (like spending less money or eating fewer sweets).  The best New Year’s resolution is one that will help you grow and improve in some way both personally and professionally; it is something that will change  you for the rest of your life, like improving your lifestyle or learning a new skill.

I have made many New Year’s resolutions over the years, but I’ve only managed to accomplish a certain fraction of them. Although this may seem like partial failure on my part, those resolutions which I did manage to keep have changed my life profoundly and permanently.  And I will say that the resolutions that I did not accomplish in one year, if important enough for me I stayed with it for multiple years until finally I did see success.

The first example is my New Year’s resolution back in 2010. Back then, I decided to master a new skill – playing the guitar, and I’m proud to say that it has paid off.   Now I did not learn guitar to the level of proficiency that I would be comfortable performing in a club or in a crowd, but that was never my goal in the first place.  I love music, love the sound and feel of an acoustic guitar, and wanted a relaxing new hobby that would also improve my mind and love of the creative arts.

Another good example of one of my New Year resolutions was the one that I made on 2012. This was the year that I decided to sharpen my mind.  I did this by making a list of books that I have always wanted to read but never had the time.  I then got an Mp3 for Christmas and started ordering audio books to read by ‘listening’ to them! I can’t tell you how powerful that resolution was!  That year I listened to books while driving, gardening, cleaning house, shopping, and even before falling asleep!  It was wonderful!

A recent example of a physical activity resolution that I made is right in front of you on this page – to learn tai chi.  It had long been on my “bucket list” (that’s what To Do ideas become when you hold on to them for too many years) and all I could see were my stumbling blocks keeping me from ever learning it.  When I decided to accept that I will never be a “Master” at tai chi but I could learn and practice enough for it to be beneficial physically and emotionally (as an anti-stress strategy), then I accepted a “learn with DVD and YouTube” model, and the rest is history (and still evolving).

Now I continually find myself wanting to learn more about Qigong, so this next year  for 2016 I am planning to really dig in and get some help learning more about qigong.  I find I have a lot of questions and I am a little fuzzy about how exactly to incorporate it into my life – so that is one of my biggest 2016 resolutions.

And the big question I would like to ask you is,  what are your new year resolutions?

Feel free to share here with us.  And whatever you do, I hope you have a safe and healthy new year!



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This year, pick one of these worthy resolutions, and stick with it. Heres to your health!




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