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National Heart Lung Blood Institute – Taking Suggestions and asking for votes

I subscribe to several lists and get notifications when interesting activity takes place on them.  The other day I received an email notification of an interesting survey that the NHLBI is conducting.  Unlike many boring surveys where we are asked dorkey questions like “Did you get your question answered” and “will you LIKE our page”, this survey was asking readers to submit research ideas!

Well, they don’t have to ask me twice – I can immediately think of several studies that I would like to see them conduct.  So I immediately entered this research challenge:

 “Can Tai Chi Chuan Improve Osteoporosis?”

I would like to see a long-term (1 year or more) study of folks diagnosed with osteoporosis and practicing tai chi frequently and consistently to see if improvement, or reversal of osteoporosis occurs due to the tai chi.

The really cool thing about this survey is that others can vote on this idea!  Which gets me to the reason for today’s blog post.    CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO GO TO THE NHLBI VOTE  PAGE:

NHLBI Research Challenge – Can Tai Chi Improve Osteoporosis?

I am asking you to go to this page and vote for this research challenge.  Hopefully we can generate enough support that the NHLBI will see that we in the tai chi community want to encourage all the scientific research possible to help further the knowledge and understanding of this ancient art.  You are required to sign in which is acceptable practice – this is how they ensure that you are a human and not spam software that erroneously enters hundreds of votes.

My guess is they may possibly alter the study to see if Tai Chi Chuan improves heart disease or another component of heart / lung disease but that’s OK too.


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100 Questions & Answers About Osteoporosis and Osteopenia
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