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  • yang style tai chi chuan
    Yang Tai Chi Chuan 108 pt 3 with Sifu Peter Hoy

    Yang Style Tai Chi with Sifu Peter Tam Hoy Today’s post completes the 3 part video with Sifu Peter Tam Hoy enjoying a Yang 108 style Tai Chi (...

    • 10/11/2013
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  • Tai Chi Kids and families
    Chen Style Tai Chi (taiji) by an 8yr old girl

    Tai Chi Kids Relaxing and surfing through videos this morning while I enjoy my morning wake-up brew,  I found this one with an 8yr old girl practicing Chen-style Tai...

    • 09/06/2013
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  • wheelchair tai chi
    Tai Chi Chuan for Wheelchair Limited Folks

    Tai Chi Chuan for health I found this video posted in You Tube featuring Dr. Zibin Guo from UT Chattanooga who has started a Tai Chi for wheelchair-bound people.  ...

    • 08/23/2013
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  • Tai Chi Qigong morning stretch
    Tai Chi Qigong morning stretch

     Tai Chi Qigong morning stretch Do crawl out of bed with muscles and joints achy and painful; stiff neck that hurts when you turn your head?  What is your...

    • 08/07/2013
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  • father son tai chi
    Chen Style Tai Chi 56 With A Baby!

    This is truly one of my favorite Chen Style tai chi videos - daddy and 9 month old baby with Master Chenhan Yang.

    • 07/18/2013
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  • Push Hands For Beginners
    Push Hands for Beginners Series – Pt 1

    Push Hands For Beginners Series I was very happy with Ian Sinclair’s beginning series of Tai Chi basic 24 form for beginners, and decided to check out his series...

    • 04/17/2013
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  • tai chi form 24
    Tai Chi Form 24 – With Angela Hsu Cantafio

    The most universally known form, here Gold Medalist Angela Hsu Cantafio plays Tai Chi Form 24, otherwise known as the Beijing standardized (simplified) 24 Form.

    • 02/25/2013
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  • Tai Chi For Beginners
    Tai Chi For Beginners – Define & Demonstrate 4 energies

    Tai Chi For Beginners Bruce Frantzis Demonstrates the Four Energies This video features Bruce Frantzis describing and demonstrating the actions and applications of the four forces like Pang.  Watching...

    • 12/04/2012
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