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  • Wudang Tai Chi
    New Wudang Tai Chi Video from Barcelona

    Tai Chi This is newly released video from Wudang Canarias. The hauntingly-beautiful music background draws you into the show like a moth to the light, and the energy around...

    • 08/21/2014
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  • wudang tai chi
    Tai Chi Wudang 108 form with Yuan Xiu Gang

    Tai Chi   A little Wudang to start your day? This is a full 15min for the 108 form by the famous Yuan Xiu Gang as he plays Taiji in...

    • 08/18/2014
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  • tai chi
    Tai Chi ( taiji ) Yang Style 108 form with Sifu Peter Tam Hoy – pt 1 of 3

    Tai Chi This video is shot in the beautiful Taoist Purple Cloud monastery in the mountains of Wudang.  We have featured Sifu Peter Tam Hoy  here in a video before...

    • 08/06/2014
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  • tai chi kids
    8 yr old making a name for himself

    Tai Chi Kids Wow – Check out the energy of this young man! I think we will be seeing more of him in the future. In this video published...

    • 07/30/2014
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  • qigong
    Qigong Wake Up with Lee Holden

    Qigong Say, check this out.  Lee Holden takes about 10minutes to show you his Qigong morning wake-up routine.  This is completely reproducible – just start this video and follow...

    • 07/28/2014
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  • PTSD help
    PTSD help for Vets using Qigong

    PTSD help with Qigong A new model for treating PTSD is quickly making its way into mainstream therapy due to the effectiveness and acceptance / compliance with the program. ...

    • 07/14/2014
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  • what is qigong
    What is Qigong part 3

    Qigong This is part 3 of the 3-part series explaining what Qigong (Qi Gong) is, as well as tying it with some scientific concepts we already know and understand about the body. ...

    • 07/08/2014
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  • What is Qigong
    What is Qigong – Part 2

    Qigong Monday I shared part 1 of What is Qigong part 1 of 3.  I was so interested listening to it that I found myself pausing the video and taking notes.  That lead...

    • 07/02/2014
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  • qigong explained
    Qigong Explained – What is Qigong? Part 1 of 3

    Qigong Explained We frequently see the word qigong (qi gong, chi kung) mentioned in the same breath as tai chi, but perhaps you are like I was not too long ago,...

    • 06/30/2014
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  • Tai Chi Fan in a stadium
    300+ Performing Tai Chi Fan in a stadium

    Tai Chi Fan in a stadium You know how difficult it is to synchronize the movement of several people – small group of people all performing tai chi, well...

    • 06/26/2014
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  • Helen Wu Flying Rainbow Fan
    Flying Rainbow Fan Tai Chi with Master Helen Xiaorong Wu

    Flying Rainbow Fan Tai Chi I think no discussion of modern Tai Chi Fan would be complete without the mention of Flying Rainbow Fan style.  This Flying Rainbow form was...

    • 06/25/2014
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  • Fan- Beauty of the sun
    Tai Chi ( taiji ) Fan , Beautiful Sunset

    Here is the second in my series of featuring a Tai Chi (taiji) fan style.  This video was originally shared with us by one of our friends on the Facebook...

    • 06/24/2014
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  • yang style tai chi fan 18
    Yang style tai chi fan – 18

    I am starting a compilation of the Tai Chi Fan with the different variations, starting with this one which is the Yang Style 18 movements. This one is actually...

    • 06/23/2014
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  • tai chi for kids
    What If We Taught Tai Chi To American Kids?

    Tai Chi for Kids When planning the best life for, and the best curriculum for our children, we “Western Countries” seem to look for action-oriented and/or physically exerting activities....

    • 06/20/2014
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  • Chi Exercises for Work
    Chi Exercises for Work – Warm Up, Wake Up, Energize!

    Chi Exercises For Workplace Full blog post on The Way of Tai Chi at Know anyone who could benefit from these ideas? Or do you just want to...

    • 06/18/2014
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  • Master Christopher Pei
    Master Christopher Pei with Tai Chi for Beginners

    Master Christopher Pei Click the image to be taken to the original post page on The Way of Tai Chi

    • 06/17/2014
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  • martial arts inspiration
    Martial Arts Motivational Quote by Bruce Lee

    Martial Arts Motivational Quote “A good martial artist does not become tense, but ready. Not thinking, yet not dreaming. Ready for whatever may come. When the opponent expands, I...

    • 06/16/2014
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  • tai chi in the schools
    Tai Chi A Solution to Calm School & Society Violence?

    Tai Chi in the Schools I believe if we could get Tai Chi into our schools as part of the curriculum, we would begin to see a real positive...

    • 06/11/2014
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  • qigong
    Tai Chi – Qigong with Master Faye Yip

    Qigong For Beginners Looking for a good introduction to get Qi Gong started in your daily routine?  I found this great video with Master Faye Yip that you might...

    • 06/08/2014
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  • Sifu Amin Wu Push Hands
    Bet you havn’t seen Tai Chi ( taiji ) Push Hands like this!

     Push Hands Focusing a bit deeper on Sifu Amin Wu, I came across this video that I like for many reasons, and wanted to share it with you today.   I found...

    • 06/06/2014
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