Push Hands for Beginners Series – Pt 1

By on 04/17/2013

Push Hands For Beginners Series

I was very happy with Ian Sinclair’s beginning series of Tai Chi basic 24 form for beginners, and decided to check out his series on Push Hands for beginners.  I love the way he gives focus lessons and described theory and then follows with detailed demonstration – perfect for us beginners and those of us learning theory behind this martial art.  With that said, I am featuring his Tuishou (toy shu) series beginning with this Part 1 Push Hands For Beginners set of 2 videos.

In this first lesson, Ian opens with a focus lesson on the theory behind Push Hands. It is short, (6 min), easy to understand, and will give you an idea of what the purpose is behind Push Hands.



In this next introductory lesson, Ian and his partner Adrian present a fundamental principles of push hands describing vectors of force. He also offers a practice exercise to help learn how to work with these forces:


I found this lengthy blog post article about push hands posted on Nardis 

Do you know of someone who is not familiar with Tai Chi Push Hands?  Be sure to share this Push Hands blog post  with them as we learn about Push Hands together.


Next in the series:  Push Hands Part 2


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