Push Hands – What exactly are they doing?

By on 01/25/2014
tai chi Push Hands

Push Hands

To the novice, or to we tai chi beginners, Push Hands may look very confusing – I know it does to me. So in the words of a beginner here is what I have learned.

In the push hands practice, one tries to learn how to feel and understand their opponents energy, or “power“.  Once mastered, we then learn how to ‘direct’ that power, thus allowing the opponent to lose their balance.  So in this way rather than meeting force-with-force, we move away and direct the attacker’s energy “through” their intended target (us!).   This leaves our opponent out of balance allowing us to make an offensive move to neutralize the attacker.

In the above video Master Yang, Jwing-Ming demonstrates Push Hands for us.

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