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By on 03/26/2015
qigong breathing

Qigong Breathing


Proper breathing, which in this application is referred to as Tai Chi breathing or Qigong breathing, is an important part of all martial arts but strongly emphasized when learning tai chi and qugong.   Since qigong breathing is such an important part of proper form, I think it high time I find a few instructional videos to post on this blog for instruction.  This morning I reviewed about 20 videos.  I have not yet seen one video that teaches everything, but that’s ok since we probably should master one concept before moving on to the next anyway.

In this video, the instructor does a good job of describing and then demonstrating the basics of Tai Chi breathing, otherwise called in the medical world “belly breathing” or “diaphragmatic breathing”.   All you Respiratory Therapists out there are already very familiar with the concepts in this following video. However I have a surprising revelation to tell you – after you watch the video (see below).

The instructor also recommended we practice this twice a day.  Personally I would suggest practing this frequently throughout the day – whenever you think of it.   Please share this with your friends, classmates, and anyone you know who is stressed and/or breathes shallow.  This technique is good for everyone to follow!

As a Respiratory Therapist, I have known proper diaphragmatic breathing ( qigong breathing, or belly breathing) for many years and yes, I have taught this to patients. I understand the concepts.  However it was not until recently when visiting my chiropractor / acupuncturist that I learned that my diaphragm was not engaging like it should; I was only experiencing a very limited diaphragm excursion which severely limited my ability to access and use it, as well as limited my ability to benefit from qigong breathing!

At first I was almost insulted ( but not quite – I know he was only trying to help). After about 10 min of adjustment and pressure point manipulation we both watched as amazingly my diaphragm started to engage.  Seriously!

I immediately (from that day forward) started noticing improvements that would be too long to discuss in this post (I will cover some other time).  Namely, one health-benefit that started improving immediately, and i have not needed to take medicine for ever since!  All from proper qigong breathing.

So my recommendation is, check it out with your chiropractor / acupuncturist to determine if you are truly getting the full range of motion from your diaphragm when doing this proper breathing technique!!



Part 2- Tai Chi ( taiji ) Breathing during Tai Chi Poses

Here is another video with (name not given – hate it when that happens) posted by chenshi56  where we now see  the application of proper Tai Chi ( taiji ) Breathing during poses.

This  is a good video to watch after first viewing a focus lesson ( http://wp.me/p2RMNd-9T )  where we learned  how to first perform the proper breathing technique.  Now we see how to apply proper breathing  during Tai Chi.



Pt. 3 Tai Chi ( taiji ) Happiness Breath Exercise

Did you know there are actually exercises and techniques you can do to learn how to be happier, and bring more peace and happiness into your life?
In this video, Grandmaster Victor Shim teaches us how to do a simple little Happiness Breath exercise.

Now I have seen and read many claims on the internet of techniques that can help one improve his/her happiness, so when I see those claims I apply a method of determining how accurate those claims are.

1. First I confirm the credibility of the source.
2. Next, I try the technique myself to see if I get the purported results.
3. Finally, I compare and contrast the information given to already proven (scientifically if possible) knowledge.

This technique passes all three of my requirements – and it complements a biofeedback technique I teach with my wellness coaching clients. So I encourage you to use this technique daily and chart, over the next few weeks how your feelings improve.



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