Qigong Relaxation Exercise guided by Dr. Roger Jahnke

By on 09/23/2015
Qigong relaxation

Guided instruction – Take 5 minutes for yourself Right now you can listen to this guided Qigong relaxation instruction by Dr. Roger Jahnke.

This is so simple that anyone can do it; yet powerful!  It’s as though the body-mind already has a secret knowing for  how to calm and relax, so when given the opportunity, we “sink” right into our natural state.

I think the qigong relaxation learning is not so much to teach our souls how to relax, but to get us into the habit of ALLOWING our body-mind a few moments throughout the day to quiet down and get centered!



Here is a parenthetical question for you:

How many of you will take moments throughout the day to get a cup of coffee, stop at someone’s office and chat a few minutes, or possibly (heaven forbid) stand outside and have a smoke?  Yet later will say there is “no time” for a 5 min qigong relaxation exercise?

Seriously folks, take 5 min.  Try this exercise – you will be glad you did.


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