Reduce Anxiety with Qigong

By on 01/17/2017
Qigong for Anxiety

The nice thing about Qigong is, you can learn some fast, simple steps right away – you don’t have to devote a lifetime of daily practice to it before reaping the benefits.  That’s not to say you won’t want to delve further into this ancient art, but the point is, you don’t have to become an expert.  If you choose, you can simply put into practice, certain qigong movements like this one to calm and heal your body immediately.  If you or someone you know are feeling anxious, take a few minutes to put this into practice and reduce anxiety with qigong.


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Watch this 2 minute qigong demonstration of qigong for anxiety, then get up and practice it yourself.  Go ahead, try it!  If you do this with intention and purpose (slow deep breaths, close your eyes, focus on calming your energy) I promise it will work for you to help calm anxiety.   Then share your experience below in the comments.  (Please allow 24 hrs before you see your comment show up here).



Learn more about Qigong on Wikipedia 

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