Tai Chi – What’s It All About; Spiritual Awakening, PT 3

By on 02/05/2015
tai chi

Tai Chi

Jason presents something very interesting, where he charts out human emotions on a vibrational “graph” of sorts.  We see how a person can go from a low-vibration of guilt, to a high vibration of unconditional love. A very interesting concept that Jason presents is the “balance” of vibrations in the world. This theory reminds me of the yin-yang balance of tai chi!

In this video, Jason describes how the higher vibration people in the world “balance” the negative. Again, this is the yin-yang.

This statement about a “balance” of vibration aligns with a theory I have developed that may have possibly answered a long-standing question that I have pondered.  This is my question; we hear that the human species is on the brink of the age of enlightenment; we are raising our vibration and moving closer to our creator.  However at the same time, we see atrocities from groups like Isis and extreme groups that seem to have hijacked a religion. I wonder, how can this be?  Is hate growing in the world meaning there are greater numbers of people who are evil?  Or has the total number of “haters” and eveil-doers remained constant, but they are even more evil than before?  So have they just sunk to a lower level?


For further study you can access Jason’s page here clicking here.

Here is yesterday’s part 2 video in this 4-part series.



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