Tai Chi Swimming Dragon For Spinal Health

By on 07/13/2015
swimming dragon

Swimming Dragon

Today I watched this video of (Taiyi) Tai Chi Swimming Dragon shared in a group I subscribe to.   I recognized the Swimming Dragon title associated with a Qigong routine that I enjoyed and shared with you last winter and wondered if they might be the same?  I do see similarities, yet the earlier video is focused more like a Qigong stretching / flexibility routine, and today’s video is definitely a taiji form.

This video was created by Wudang Kungfu Bee.


In today’s video blog I am sharing a couple videos on the Swimming Dragon tai chi style.

First, this Youtube  video was originally shared with us on our Facebook page by a friend, Dick Wolf.  In this video we learn a Qigong ( Qi Gong) exercise called Swimming Dragon. Performing Swimming Dragon is a great way to increase spinal flexability, improve balance, and coordinate endocrine function”.

Taught by Nando Raynolds, psychotherapist and Tai Chi /Qigong instructor, this exercise is a small clip from a longer instructional DVD.

I want to learn more about Swimming Dragon Tai Chi and I found this (below) video of the form.  The below video is the first of 3 parts, performed for us by Master Liping Zhu L.Ac from (I think) San Francisco).






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    12/16/2016 at 8:34 am

    Here’s another variation of Swimming Dragon:

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