Tai Chi 24 form with Master Daniel Tan

By on 02/15/2014
24 form

24 Form

“Slow, focused, elegant, flawless,” are some of the adjectives used to describe Master Daniel Tan as he plays Tai Chi.  Perfect in it’s execution, yet clear enough for beginners to distinguish each posture and slow enough for beginners to model.  This is the tai chi 24 form, first promoted in China in the 1950’s.

Additionally, the video is sharp, beautiful setting, colors vibrant, and the background music is beautiful.  All adds to a professional experience for the viewer as we enjoy learning from Master Daniel Tan play Tai Chi 24 form.



Tai Chi International Beijing 24 Tai Chi Form: An Introduction to Tai Chi
Charles Tsui-Po, published 2010, 66 pages




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  1. mike doyle

    02/15/2014 at 7:54 pm

    did this all class today!

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