Tai Chi 24 form with Master David Bao

By on 02/25/2014
tai chi 24 form

Tai Chi 24 Form

This is a nice little video of the Tai Chi 24 form played by Master David Bao in a location not stated.

Born in 1977 David began his martial arts studies in 1981 at the age of 4.  Being a 7th generation descendant of the Shaolin Temple martial arts lineage, he studied under many famous wushu and tai chi masters. In 2006 he went on to win the World Tai Chi champion title and now teaches followers how to incorporate the principle of Chinese martial arts into our daily lives. (from his website, davidbao.com/).

The location where this is filmed is not listed but I would like to know.  Anyone recognize the building in the background?  Could this be filmed somewhere in Malaysia?



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