Tai Chi Arts – Portrayed In This Wushu Painting – Video

By on 02/16/2015
tai chi arts

Tai Chi Arts

This is an interesting video that I wanted to share with you today and get your opinion.  You know how I enjoy photography and art, as well as Tai Chi and the Martial Arts.  I love to see tai chi or any of the martial arts portrayed artistically through video, sculpture, painting, or other medium.  So when I saw this video titled “Wushu Oil Painting Video” I just had to watch.  Definitely fits my description of a ” Tai Chi Arts “.

I would like to see a bit more light and less darkness in this video.  There are spots where it gets difficult to see the images.  However I continually remind myself when watching, that this video is an artistic modification to make the images appear as if in paintings.  So the cool thing is at any point we can ‘freeze’ the video and check out how the image appears as if it were a painting.  Pretty cool!

I do appreciate the artistic touch, marrying the martial theme with photography and oil painting.  Very creative!

What are your thoughts?  Do you like this too?


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  1. Angelika

    03/08/2015 at 3:22 am

    I like this, too! Especially the lady in Orange!

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