Tai Chi At Truckstop – Let’s Do This In America Too!

By on 05/28/2015
tai chi at truckstop by Gary Lawrence, Group editor

Tai Chi at Truckstop

What this Highway truck stop in England is doing with tai chi is truly cutting edge!

With family all over the country, my husband and I have done a lot of traveling during our marriage. for many reasons, both prefer to travel by car so rest areas and truck stops are something we’re very familiar with.  Sometimes we don’t even need to use the restroom we just want to take a break and stretch our legs.  And at every location it occurs to me how much I want to do some yoga and tai chi at the truckstop.  There’s really nothing better to quickly and easily stretch all the muscles, and rejuvenate a travel-weary body.


However, since I am a bit shy and I certainly don’t want to draw attention to myself I have never carried out a solo tai chi or yoga practice on a rest area lawn.  So I almost always limit myself to some simple stretches and a short walk around the parking lot.  Yet at every location I scan the area with my “tai chi eyes” and wish the owner or curator would promote an area specifically for exercise.  If that were to happen, the visiting public would learn about and come to expect seeing various forms of exercise and stretching at those locations.  In fact, even a shy person like me would feel comfortable enough to initiate a 24 form.

So you can imagine my surprise and excitement when I saw the following news article about a family run restaurant at a pit stop that is planning to open a tai chi and yoga area for truckers as well as some other upgrades to make life healthier and happier for truck drivers.  I think this Chippenham Pit Stop in England is on the cutting edge and truly thinking outside the box.  I would love to see a movement like this get started in America; it is sorely needed!

tai chi at workTo quote the managing director David Hatherell,

“the trouble was that with long unhealthy hours behind the wheel, high levels of stress involved in reaching destinations on time plus nights spent away from home, nobody wanted to be an HGV driver any more.”  “”Now we are doing all we can to ease the pressure on drivers by making the Pit Stop a real home from home,” he said.

“Provision of piping hot showers in a spotless environment followed by a good quality, good value meal in spacious, comfortable and friendly surroundings are our customers top priorities, said David.

“But there has to be more to life on the road than that which is why we are adopting a more holistic approach by introducing the exercise equipment and will arrange yoga and tai chi,” he said.


My hats off to the Chippenham Pit Stop – I hope your experiment proves very successful, and I would love if you keep us posted with updates here at the way of tai chi!


Chippenham transport cafe aims to get truckers fit (From The ...Chippenham transport cafe aims to get truckers fit (From The …




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  1. Angelika

    05/28/2015 at 2:06 pm

    so cool! I can totally imagine such thing in Germany or the US!

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