Tai Chi For Beginners – Define & Demonstrate 4 energies

By on 12/04/2012
Tai Chi For Beginners

Tai Chi For Beginners

Bruce Frantzis Demonstrates the Four Energies

This video features Bruce Frantzis describing and demonstrating the actions and applications of the four forces like Pang.  Watching Bruce demonstrate with one assistant from his class, we are able to see clearly how each action disengages an “attacker” then turns the tables in favor of the one who is using the tai chi.  I know as a tai chi for beginners this is very helpful!

Remember, whether we practice tai chi for strength and health benefits, or if we practice it to perfect one’s martial skills, the origins of tai chi are martial.  Therefore the movements that we have become a slow-moving practice do have (when applied martially) a martial purpose.


I appreciate this video because it both defines some terminology questions you may have from watching videos or reading material, and Bruce teaches some applications of those postures.

At the time of this video filming, Bruce had sustained 8 car accidents which, according to doctors, had predicted a lifetime of confined to a wheelchair.  It is through his tai chi and qigong practice that he is able to  function on his own without a wheelchair.


Does this help you like it does me?


I welcome your thoughts, insights or questions

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