Tai Chi Fan Focus Lesson

By on 03/24/2015
tai chi fan

Tai Chi Fan

This is a nice video, nearly 6 minutes of a focus lesson with Paul Lockyer of Natural Elements on the topic of how to correctly use a tai chi fan via Grandmaster Gou Version.  He reviews the basics such as how to correctly hold it, flip it open, and closed from several positions, how not to flip your wrist incorrectly, etc.

When we remember that these original fans had razor-sharp blades along the top of the fan, you realize how important correct form is in protecting the user from slicing him/her self!

Nothing fancy or pretentious, just a good lesson on the basics of using this tai chi fan.

Also, the good videography here is much appreciated.  Shaky videos with wind blowing in the microphone are in my opinion, not worth posting anymore.


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