Tai Chi for Self Defense- Push Hands Lesson 3 – Part 1and 2

By on 11/30/2015
Push Hands Lesson 3

Push Hands Lesson 3

If you have followed the earlier push hands posts, you may have noticed that these movements could also be applied as self defense techniques.  Tai Chi in modern times is primarily learned for the health benefits, but let’s not forget that tai chi is a martial art and originally was used in fighting.  You have probably already begun to see how push hands techniques can be applied as part of a tai chi for self defense strategy.   So in  today’s lesson 3 (part 1 and 2) we learn our first push hands drill.  I recommend you do what I did which is watch it through and take notes the first time, because there is TONS of great information here.  For instance,

  • “The fundamental energy of Tai Chi, upon which all other energies are built” is named and described
  • Move at right angles to neutralize an opponents force without using force
  • Holding the ball (example)
  • Addition of vectors

Lesson 3 Part 1:

As a woman and a mom I encourage EVERY female to learn the art of Self Defense.  Why not start with Tai Chi?  Start slowly by learning the 24 form, then learn self defense applications as we are focusing on in this Push Hands series.


Lesson 3 Part 2

This next video is labeled Lesson 3 part 2, where Ian teaches us the second Push Hands exercise for beginners.   This is another great video where Ian Sinclair builds on part 1 of our Push Hands drill and we learn:

  • Proper position of vectors
  • Reinforcing the need to learn to follow
  • We learn to eliminate resistance
  • Focus on staying aligned rather than trying to neutralize the opponent


I like the analogy to playing the piano, and in the latter half the camera shifts position to give us a better perspective.

Do you know someone who might be interested in learning Tai Chi?  Please share this video and encourage them to check it out.


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cool diagram –

Chen Zhaopei's diagram of push hands - Absolute Tai ChiChen Zhaopei’s diagram of push hands – Absolute Tai Chi



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